Akumal’s Best Dive Sites

You’ve waited a year for your diving vacation so why just dive with just anyone?  At Akumal Dive Center, we pride ourselves in being awarded Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence because of the many outstanding reviews we receive. What keeps people returning year after year is our dive masters and instructors who are the absolute best in the area. The smiles and helpfulness of the friendly support staff puts the whole experience over the top!

We are a team of people who thoroughly love what we do and are passionate about protecting the reefs. In fact, Akumal Dive Center provides ongoing support to conservation organizations and universities to both conduct studies and apply conservation efforts like reef building, coral studies and lion fish control.
We love making sure that a diver knows that safety and fun go hand in hand. It is the way we do diving that sets us apart from other dive operations.

Generally our dives are multi level, and because we do all of the necessary preparation on shore before the dive ~ our dive times are consistently longer. Many people have come to us after being certified elsewhere and enjoy our relaxed and professional approach to diving that allows them to increase their skills in a way that makes the diving experience more enjoyable.

Many of our dive masters and instructors are the most respected in the area. Some have been leading dives for more than 3 decades and they know the reef better than most. So what are the best sites?

For deeper dives, Tortuga, which means Turtle, is an 60-80 foot dive that has an amazing reef structure of canyons with many turtles nesting in the reef. Horseshoe is also a 60-80 foot dive that has very colorful and unique sponges and a coral landscape that is breathtaking. Both sites are only a 5 minute boat ride from Akumal Bay.

In the summer, you can often find a nurse shark sleeping on the sand in between canyons of Yalku, along with the normal population of turtles, stingrays, grouper, eagle rays, barracuda, lobster, crabs and reef fish.

Gorgonians is about 20 minutes north and offers the absolute best place to view these beautiful black sea fans. Half Moon Norte is often a great place to find eels swimming freely or eagle rays gliding above the reefs.

Shallower dives of 60-45 feet include Media Luna which is a reef which also has swim throughs, Lobster Condos or MotorCycle Reef which has an actual motorcycle propped up on the bottom of the ocean. Our favorite cenotes include Car Wash, Dos Ojos and Taj Maha. All are only a short distance away, led by special dive masters trained specifically for cavern diving.

There are numerous other sites and depending on currents, conditions and what type of dive you prefer ~ we’ll make sure that it is a memorable experience.