Diving in Akumal takes place on the World’s second largest barrier reef. You will find abundant coral and marine life along three different major spur and groove formations.


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We have 4 dives every day 9:00 am (deep dive) 11:00am, 1:00pm and 2:30 pm (40 feet) all trips are one tank dives. We also offer night dives and Cenote dives.


The deep reef starts at a depth of approximately 60 to 70 feet and extends out in finger like ridges, and drops to between 100 and 140 feet of beautiful canyons. A second reef ranges from 50 to 70 feet in depth, making this a perfect choice for your second dive of the day. Akumal is part of the same reef as Cozumel.

The shallow portion of the reef runs between 25 to 45 feet in depth with large Elkhorn formations.


This Area is ideal for photography and serves as underwater classroom for students participating in training.



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  • 1 Dive 960 Mxn
  • 2 Dives 1,760 Mxn
  • 4 Dives 3,460 Mxn
  • 6 Dives 5,040 Mxn
  • 8 Dives 6,360 Mxn
  • 10 Dives 7,200 Mxn
  • Night dive 1,300 Mxn
  • Cenote dive 3,000 Mxn ( 2 tanks)
  • Tax is included.


  • Bcd 200 Mxn
  • Reg 200 Mxn
  • Wet suit 160 Mxn
  • Bcd & Reg 300 Mxn
  • Mask 100 Mxn
  • Fins 100 Mxn
  • Life Jacket 100 Mxn
  • Light 200 Mxn

Special Dives

The Cenote dives are typically shallow dives (15-30 ft/5-10 m), and open to anyone with an entry level diving experience. The fresh water is extremely quiet, welcoming you to a world of silence and rest. It is an easier diving opportunity for all the people who might be scared of the sometimes adverse conditions of the ocean. The paths you will be using will always be wide enough to have two people swim side by side, always with in 120 ft/40 m from a direct access to air and daylight, and your groups will be a maximum 4 divers per guide. Unlike the ocean, you can always dive Cenotes with bad weather. It is a dive available all year long!
Ship Wreck

AKUMAL DIVE CENTER will take you to Puerto Morelos, one of the few places around, that has managed to preserve its essence of a fishing town and offering natural attractions that a diver of any ability can enjoy. In addition to its beauty, it is a quiet place and therefore rare to find other diving groups in the area, which allows us to enjoy the place almost exclusively! Used to be 85\’ deep now at 90\’ due to hurricane Wilma. This 120 feet navy ship, was submerged specifically for the purpose of creating more area for the reef to grow and as a great place for divers to visit. It is safe to swim through from one end to the other. 3 levels of penetration. We often see large schools of fish, eagle rays, sharks, turtles, giant fish, and many types of amazing new coral growing in Puerto Morelos newest dive site. The first deck is at 65\’ and the bottom deck at 90\’ for which the ocean must be calm to visit because of the strong currents. Mooring line runs from the surface to a large cannon on first deck of the ship. You will see spectacular marine life with 6 years of coral growing on the ship. This adventure is for advanced divers only!

We need a minimum of 3 divers for this trip.


Starting from end of November to February the bull sharks come closer to the coast line of Riviera Maya. They are big, strong and heavy with round, short snout and little dark eyes. The first fin on the back is big and nearly rectangular with 90 degree radius, the second fin is much smaller. Bull sharks have a pale dark gray color and a white belly. The young bull sharks have black tips at the end of their fins. The male sharks can get as big as 2.25m, female sharks can get a little bigger, about 2.40m . Bull sharks prefer the warm, tropical waters, so in the winter months when the waters of the Caribbean sea gets colder, the sharks move closer to the coast where they find warmer water conditions. The first encounter under water with these animals is an incredible feeling just amazing! Probably also a little scaring, but breathtaking, fantastic, unforgettable and fascinating! To see these amazing animals in the open nature is truly spectacular! Of course there is no guarantee that you will see the bull sharks every time. You can find them in more shallow places like Jardines as much as in the deeper dives