Ship Wreck

AKUMAL DIVE CENTER will take you to Puerto Morelos, one of the few places around, that has managed to preserve its essence of a fishing town and offering natural attractions that a diver of any ability can enjoy.
In addition to its beauty, it is a quiet place and therefore rare to find other diving groups in the area, which allows us to enjoy the place almost exclusively!
Used to be 85\' deep now at 90\' due to hurricane Wilma. This 120 feet navy ship, was submerged specifically for the purpose of creating more area for the reef to grow and as a great place for divers to visit. It is safe to swim through from one end to the other. 3 levels of penetration. We often see large schools of fish, eagle rays, sharks, turtles, giant fish, and many types of amazing new coral growing in Puerto Morelos newest dive site.
The first deck is at 65\' and the bottom deck at 90\' for which the ocean must be calm to visit because of the strong currents. Mooring line runs from the surface to a large cannon on first deck of the ship. You will see spectacular marine life with 6 years of coral growing on the ship. This adventure is for advanced divers only!

We need a minimum of 3 divers for this trip.


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